Why The Secret To Growing Your Business Is Delegation 

By  James Key Lim

One secret to growing your business is delegation.

So how can delegation help to scale and grow the business?

You have probably heard this quote, “You travel fast alone, but far together.”

I would even say that’s more truthful than ever, because of the dynamic of businesses today and how often it changes.

So you really have to be able to delegate.

As an entrepreneur-executive, you need to be able to focus then on the vision, the strategy, the culture, or even the purpose, in order to be successful today.

By delegation, what is typically happening, and I recommend, that all executives and entrepreneurs actually do what it is at the ground level that will make a business successful.

I let me give an example.

I will be a Sales Development Representative (SDR), and actually make sales calls, because I’m going to learn what type of ways in which I can help the SDR that I delegate to, to be successful.

Once that happens, then I have essentially scaled myself and scaled then into a new threshold of the business.

So delegation, then again, allows me to have someone else help, have a team, and then move into the next logical and reasonable place to be strategic for the business.

And that’s why delegation is so important.

In the end, I would say that you’re always looking to delegate and looking then for the right people to delegate to.

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James Key Lim

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