Who to Sell to First. It’s Not What You Think. 

 February 14, 2019

By  James Key Lim

Here is my Key Takeaway for established executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals answering their questions on how to grow their business.

The question I have is: Can our company grow faster selling to current customers or new ones?

It takes so much energy to build a business relationship with someone who doesn’t know you, like a prospect who doesn’t know you, your service, or your product.

It takes time to get all the way to a point where your prospects are warm enough to transact with you.

So my answer is very simple.

Always lean towards customers that you already know and then put most of your energy there.

It’s always going to pay off more, because there’s already a relationship!

Until you’ve tapped out or have a system that automatically keeps your prospects warm and is able to convert those warm customers, don’t go to cold.

And that’s also my advise consistently to all my clients and customers, and I want to make sure that every established executives and entrepreneurs know that answer as well.

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James Key Lim

James Key Lim | CEO | Executive and Business Growth Coach | Creator FUTUREPROOFx Method | $100Ms in revenues + adaptable company cultures

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