Two Reasons Why Your Company Culture May Not Be Working 

By  James Key Lim

I want to talk about why company cultures may not work for some executives.

What are the two common yet critical things why your company culture may not work?

The two things are:

1. Trust
2. Care

Why are these important…


People need to know and feel trust within your organization and that needs to happen at all levels, and it needs to start with you.


Because there’s something about trust but something about care in paying attention to the details to the individual, as well as the collective.

So really, if you’re finding challenges in trouble in implementing company culture, I’d start there.

The other things really don’t come until that is established, because without trust and care, you won’t have the level of communication, the level of connection that is required for a vibrant and strong company culture that ultimately helps your company grow.

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James Key Lim

James Key Lim | CEO | Executive and Business Growth Coach | Creator FUTUREPROOFx Method | $100Ms in revenues + adaptable company cultures

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