The Ultimate Marketing Action to Take Now 

By  James Key Lim

What are the most effective marketing and promotional strategies now?

As we know everything changes every 6 months, and it’s hard to say that nothing will change.

My answer to that question gets down to a human level.

And so I think the most effective marketing strategy today is giving valuable knowledge online.

As you can tell, more and more of us are always online – browsing and reading on our phones, on our tablets, and on our computer screens.

Because we are constantly bombarded by information, we lean toward and trust the person who provides us with valuable knowledge online.

Thus, this is what I call knowledge content strategy.

Another trick is focusing on questions that people have.

So once you know who your ideal client or customer is, the next step is knowing what are the questions they’re asking. Those questions and your answers will be your content.

So, no posting your Eggs Benedict online.

Post the answers to the questions that your ideal client has so you can not only give valuable knowledge but gain their trust.

What is your most effective marketing strategy?

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James Key Lim

James Key Lim | CEO | Executive and Business Growth Coach | Creator FUTUREPROOFx Method | $100Ms in revenues + adaptable company cultures

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