The 2 Critical Elements You Must Have In Your Senior Leaders Now 

By  James Key Lim

How do I make sure that my senior leadership team is ready for the innovation and adaptation that’s needed to really be successful going forward?

Today, I want to talk about your senior leadership team.

I will say that it really comes down to two things: one of them is a trait and the other is an action.

And this is based upon research, as well as my own experience, in working with executives.

And so let’s start with the trait first.

Most of you have heard about this, but the trait that is important to have in your senior leadership team is the idea of servant-leadership.

Servant-leadership— it really revolves around this idea where they think more about others than they do themselves.

And that is really interesting, because as a trait oftentimes, more often than not, it’s something that can’t be taught.

It must be selected for in your in the process of bringing on great people for your company.

So the first one is trait, and that is around servant-leadership.

The second one in terms of the action that’s required by your senior leadership in order to create a business environment for the future, is around ideas and actually more specifically the ability for your senior leader to be able to share and also ask for ideas from the team.

Research has shown that that in particular is more important than any other variable relating to the ability for a senior leader to be effective in creating engaging teams that we all want.

So really then, we need to, as leaders, be able to find senior management or senior leaders that can actually share ideas and ask for ideas very, very much in a way that it is a habit – that it is a kind of consistency.

And so those are the two things.

So I would actually not only look for them in hiring new senior management or leaders but also maybe audit for them in the team that you have now, in order to be able to continue to be effective as the ever-changing environment continues.

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