Retain Your Top Team Members Using My Bruce Lee Inspired 1 Inch Punch Of Trust 

By  James Key Lim

Today’s interesting topic involves Bruce Lee.

Most of you may know him.

I remember this one thing that he did that was just so unforgettable, called the One-Inch Punch.

I’m going to tie that into something that can help you engage and keep your highest performing team members.

How can you retain your top team members using my Bruce Lee inspired One-Inch Punch of Trust?

So for Bruce Lee, the One-Inch Punch was something that he could physically do with his hand being one inch away from someone and being able to punch them across the room.

The idea is that I look towards this concept of One-Inch Punch and on a lot of things that I do, because the world is faster— you need to be able to do things quicker.

An example of that is the trend today of six-second ads.

Everything’s just getting faster and faster.

So then what does that mean for employee engagement and retention?

Well, what I look for then is the One-Inch Punch of Trust.

How can you develop trust instantly and continuously ultimately with your high-performing team members?

For me, it’s been a lifelong study just to really understand how that happens. But I want to share with you some tips.

The most important tip about a One-Inch Punch of Trust is asking caring questions.

Caring questions are things that tap into the very essence of your high-performing team member that really shows them you care.

You might be asking questions about perhaps their dreams.

Caringly and sincerely asking about their dreams…

Asking about their challenges…

Asking about even their enemies like things or people or what’s holding them back in life?

And really being not only caring but perhaps being able to help them or show that you can help them or at least have the intent to help them.

That is what I feel is a foundation of a One-Inch Punch of Trust.

And so if you’re looking to build more trust with one or many of your high-performing team members, try it.

Try asking caring questions about really foundational thoughts in their life and and really care and also show intent that you can help them to achieve what it is that they hope to achieve.

So that is the One-inch Punch of Trust.

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James Key Lim

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James Key Lim

James Key Lim | CEO | Executive and Business Growth Coach | Creator FUTUREPROOFx Method | $100Ms in revenues + adaptable company cultures

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