One Trend To Avoid When Hiring The Right People For Business Growth 

By  James Key Lim

How can hiring the right people scale and grow the business?

It really is coming down to: With more right people, you can actually do more things for your business.

It’s as simple as that, but the hiring part is the key.

When hiring people, we are not only talking about completely filling the roles that you need, but it’s basically hiring the right people that will stay for a longer period of time.

By doing that, you’re countering the fact of today’s business environment— so dynamic and fast-changing.

For example, millennials today are actually making up the majority of our working population. The average millennial will stay 1.5 years at a company.

So how do you build momentum with a five or ten-year plan, or anything beyond just months, if you really don’t have people that are staying longer than the average?

And that’s why hiring the right people will allow you to build momentum in your business rather than go through a “start-stop-start-stop-start-stop” cycle.

Build momentum in your business to address new solutions for your clients or new challenges internally or externally.

That’s how you scale and grow the business.

So not only hiring, but rather hiring the right people is really a key to driving growth and scalability.

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