How To Ripple Your Company Culture To Everyone Faster And Easier 

By  James Key Lim

How do you ripple your company culture to everyone faster and easier?

Today, we’re talking about how to ripple your culture.

It’s a topic that comes up with a lot of my clients, who are executives and entrepreneurs of multi-million dollar companies.

What I mean by ripple is typically like what happens in a culture initiative.

The Culture Initiative

With culture initiative, the executives identify the need.

Ans then the leadership team comes together and is also a part of the conversation.

Ultimately, I would recommend that there needs to be something that’s like a “top-down” and “bottom-up”.

It’s actually a very important combination.

The “Top-down” and “Bottom-up” Combination

Now what happens often though, is that again it starts with the executives then to the leadership group and then it trickles down.

So that’s why, it’s a frequent question that I get with my clients, “How do you trickle down?”

What I suggest and also believe that the most scalable way is a method that is common in the corporate world.

But I think what’s applicable to scaling and rippling culture is train-the-trainer.

That’s what you want to instill in your leadership team.

Train-the-trainer Method

The leadership team must have the ability to not only be the ones receiving the training, but that they can also train other trainers, managers, and other leaders below them in the team, so that the culture ripples out.

I’ll give an example.

An important part of culture is identifying your values, where individuals understand their values and then understand how that aligns to the team and the company.

In this case, we would give a tool to the leadership team to identify their values and how it aligns to the leadership team and then the company.

When the leaders learn about it, they will also teach the other trainers – their managers – how to use that tool and then the managers in turn will teach essentially the line staff.

And that is how you want to scale and ripple culture.

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