How To Have Teams That Are Totally Engaged With Your Company Mission 

By  James Key Lim

Here are 2 Simple Ways To Have Engaging Teams

I get asked quite often by executives this question…

“How can I get my employees to be more engaged with our mission?”

That’s actually a big issue in many company cultures and the answer is not so obvious.

The truth is, an engaging company culture begins even before people get hired into your business.

In this video, you will learn more about how you can have more engaging teams in your company.

Howard Schultz, the former CEO of Starbucks, was asked, “How do you get your employees to smile all the time?”

His answer was essentially, “I really don’t. We just hire people that naturally smile all the time.”

Find People That Are Naturally Inspired by a Mission

Schultz’s answer is the essence of the answer to having teams that are more engaged with your company mission!

You actually have to find and qualify people are naturally are aligned and excited about your company mission before bringing them on board.

Back to the analogy, it’s much easier to cultivate someone who naturally likes to smile than to take someone who doesn’t like to smile and then force upon them ways to them smile all the time.

In fact, there are some studies where, when you force people to smile at work, it actually results in detrimental effects.

Apply this to your company by finding people that are naturally inspired by being a part of a mission.

Find People That Are Inspired by Your Specific Company Mission

When you’re qualifying people, look for those that are naturally mission-inspired. These people will have expressed in either their actions or words interest in things with a higher meaning or purpose beyond themselves.

Even better, look for those that are very aligned with the mission, specific to your company.

And can even do this with your existing employees.

What’s their level of engagement of your company mission on a 0-10 scale?

They might have come in as highly engaged with your mission, but then something’s changed and they’re no longer aligned.

Or they might just be in between, but there are ways to move them into a higher level of engagement with your mission especially when they naturally are inclined to doing something with meaning and purpose

But that’s really it.

Rather than forcing people into being engaged, find those who are naturally aligned to your specific mission to start with.

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