How Remote Teams Can Keep Momentum and Communication With 40-20-40 Method 

 June 4, 2019

By  James Key Lim

How can remote teams keep momentum and communication with the 40-20-40 Method?

By having remote and virtual teams, there’s something about maintaining a momentum with communications which is very critical.

What I like to use is something I’ve learned called the 40-20-40.

This applies to a lot of things actually, but I will use it today in terms of communication with virtual teams.

The Weekly Check-in

With the 40-20-40 method, what you’re looking at is a weekly check-in.

In our company, we use Zoom as a virtual check-in or in-person check-in.

And why 40-20-40 is because the check in – the weekly check-in – is the 20 of the 40-20-40.

And what you’re doing really is between or before and after the 20, you are actually communicating in other ways or channels like for example through Slack, email, WhatsApp, or what-have-you.

Maintaining Open Communication

So 40 is before the weekly check-in, and then 20 is the weekly check-in, and then the last 40 is after the weekly check-in. And then you repeat the cycle.

That’s how we look at it.

So in a way, what you’re doing is with weekly meetings and having the 40-20-40, you’re maintaining open communication.

You’re maintaining momentum and that’s the key is having momentum with team alignment.

I want to pass that on to all of you executives and leaders and hopefully that helps in some way.

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