I help executives clearly see their next "Small Action To Big Impact" to future-proof business growth and  Serve more people. 

Confidential, Complimentary 15 min. Executive Clarity Call

Adapt your business strategy and create a thriving environment for your business and life

A Future-proof system to help business leaders of multi-million dollar companies to become resilient and relevant

(Today and in a post Covid world)

√ Build a lasting company and legacy

√ Increase your cash flow, improve employee performance, be relevant to your clients

√ Help improve more lives (starting with you and your family)

Do you struggle with all the changes and uncertainties?

I can help if…

  • You’re ready to adapt your business model
  • You don’t have the infrastructure to manage the crisis
  • You want your insights confirmed or corrected before taking action
  • You crave a trusted authority to talk to
  • You need to rethink and nail new
    prospects and strategies
  • You feel the importance to future-proof your operational style and leadership

Small Action To Big Impact

FUTUREPROOFx system works for tomorrrow’s business leaders today

Developed from proven experience with $100M’s in revenues for my clients

James Key Lim

A virtual executive of $MM professional services business and a business advisor working 100% virtually from home for years.

  • Forbes Business Council Member
  • Consulting and advising for 20 years
  • Helped client become Great Place To Work 2020 as a 100% remote business
  • Helped client become a Inc 5000 business
  • Supervised 3 Silicon Valley startups that became billion dollar companies (including Zappos.com)

"I don’t just care about businesses. I care about you and  improving lives. 

With over 20 years of growing businesses from Fortune 500 to 3 Sillicon Valley startups that became billion-dollar companies, I help my clients to identify “the #1 small action to big imact” to grow profits, people and purpose now and into the future.

Improving lives by future-proofing business leaders

Alter your course of action and grow profits, people and purpose now and into the future


  • adapt quicker to the new economy
  • straighten out the most weightiest problems
  • create a proper environment for all involved
  • release the stress for your business

How it works

Reset immediately and adapt your business model to FUTUREPROOF your business and life.

Get custom Business Adapt map (BAM)

will show you exactly what you need to prioritize. If you're struggling to alter your course of action and keep clarity and focus, then this MAP will solve that issue for you.

Execute on your own

I want to give as much value I can without you even spending a dollar. After our initial, free call you will get your custom Business Adapt Map (BAM) that will guide you through your decisions. You can always return and do the same process to alter your course any time you will need.

Get a trusted authority to help you on the journey 

I personally help you overcome the obstacles you are facing right now and adapt your business model to the situation. I’ve done that for all of my clients, I can do this for you, too.

ROI & time Guaranteed.

Trust - is one of my core values. I don't deserve any of your time and money if I don't get you ROI. I will Kindly return your investment if you are not seeing any value in any given service I provide.

* Monthly subscription is at a fraction of the cost of traditional business advisory.

** If at anytime you’re not getting a return on trust, ROI, or time we’ll refund all of your months fees.

The added bonus: Lifetime support via Public Group Advisory and Community.

How you can benefit:

Public Group Advisory

$0 Investment
(I want to give back)

Private Group Advisory

(Starting at

Private 1:1

(Starting at $10,000/Month)

What my clients say:

"I was at a crossroad with so many possible avenues, James gave me the clarity I needed to choose the right path..." 


CEO and Entrepreneurial Pioneer

"Integrity and honest are important to me and on top of that I need someone who knows what they are talking about... and James is this person for me..."


CEO and Entrepreneurial Pioneer

"James genuinely cares about the success of my business and family..."


CEO and Entrepreneurial Pioneer

Coming Fall 2020

FUTUREPROOFx Business Leader Podcast

  • FUTUREPROOF your business growth into the future.
  • Have you ever wanted to look behind the scenes of the world's executives and entrepreneurs who continue to grow their business into our uncertain, fast changing future? And how you can too?
  • Now you can with the FUTUREPROOFx Business Leader Podcast.

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