Find Your Best Team To Grow Your Business Using This New Technique 

By  James Key Lim

I’m struggling to find and keep the best top-tier employees or team members. What do I do?

I think this is probably the one top or maybe top 3 issues on the table right now for executives and entrepreneurs.

And so, what do you do?

What I would start with is the first half – your internal process

Next, I’m going to talk about the second half.

For the first half, here are a few questions you should be asking yourself:

1. Do you have a culture?
2. Do you have an environment by which your existing employees and team members are actually engaged and happy?
3. Is the mission clear? Are the objectives clear?
4. Is your culture with its values and behaviors that you want, clear?

If you don’t have that, it’s just basically a bucket with holes in it.

Whoever you bring in, no matter how good they are, they are just going to go right through the bucket.

You have to shore up the bucket first and make sure it doesn’t have holes, meaning creating an environment where the people you have essentially want to stay.

So once you have that, the second half is very critical.

And ultimately, what I believe is necessary for businesses today, just like in Sales and Marketing, is that you have a pipeline.

You need to keep that pipeline full.

I’m a firm believer today with the amount of change and rotation in staffing, in employees,

in contractors, and in team members, that you should keep an open pipeline of looking for great people.

I think that’s really a part of it.

It’s not like there’s a secret to it.

It’s a numbers game, where you’re constantly looking for the right people.

You have then a culture or company that keeps them, and the idea then is to have a constant flow.

So you’re constantly pouring additional water of great people in to this bucket, and then you’re selecting the best ones – the ones that have great culture fit or fill your role amazingly well but also will stay for a longer than average time.

So this idea is two-part.

1. To really find a hire and keep the best team members and employees, is make sure

internally you have a great environment that is like a bucket with no holes, that people don’t want to leave.

2 To have a constant flow of people in a people pipeline, so that you’re always looking for great talent, because talent no longer stays for the 10-15 years, even 5.

I’ve mentioned before in another episode where millennials stay on average 1.5 years.

So keep that pipeline and have a good solid bucket with no holes in terms of how you keep people in your team, and that’s the way to be able to hire and keep the best team members.

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