Fill This Gap First To Fuel Your Business Growth 

By  James Key Lim

What is the most essential department in a company that will help grow my business and allow it to adapt more quickly?

I would imagine that most of you know this, but the question is: Are you doing it?

The most essential department is Sales.

Here are 2 reasons:

1) Sales is where you’re connecting with the marketplace.

You’re getting immediate feedback about what is a match and what is not a match with your marketplace and if your clients really wants what you’re serving or you’re delivering.

It is the one area where you’re in the most touch with your clients and your prospects

2) It’s the source of fuel.

You, as an entrepreneur or as an executive, have your vision and ideas of where you’re heading, but how will you fuel that?

There’s an inefficiency ultimately to execution. There needs to be an adaptability to it.

And so you know then that essentially you need more fuel than you might even plan for.

It’s like being able to focus on one department that is going to put you in touch with the marketplace, and give you fuel (ideally more than you think you need) in order to execute your vision, knowing there are going to be some inefficiencies.

So I would absolutely focus on Sales.

I would focus on investing in what I think is a key part in any business today, which is an outbound sales group— Sales Development, as it’s called in some cases.

The idea is that there needs to be a proactive outreach into the marketplace.

Research shows on average that half of your leads will come in from inbound marketing but another half is coming from outbound sales.

So if you’re not doing enough of sales, then that is the biggest gap.

People know sales is important, but are we really putting emphasis on it? I would say not.

You’re missing on half of the entire market, if you’re not focused on your sales and just relying on inbound marketing alone.

So Sales is the most essential department in the company to be able to fuel not only growth but adaptation.

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James Key Lim

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