Bring Your Company Core Values To Life With 2 Simple Tactics 

By  James Key Lim

Today’s topic is about how to bring your core values to life in your company.

That is something that we are finding as a very common challenge for a lot of executives and entrepreneurs.

I want to share a general statement and then two very specific tactics that you can use right away.

The General Statement

The general statement is that you really want to highlight the actions that you want more of from a particular core value and the actions you want less of from a particular core value.

So by identifying the actions you want more of and the actions you want less of, you’re really creating the parameters by which the entire company has context to that value and how you want it to be lived.

The Two Tactics

The other side of it is the two tactics.

What is very, very helpful in bringing core values or values to life is recognition in two forms.

One is public and one is peer.

So for public, as you can imagine, it’s really from the organization and that is to celebrate someone’s actions aligned positively with a core value.

Recognition is something that celebrates but also really highlights to everyone what is preferred in terms of the action for that core value.

The other side is peer recognition, which is very, very, very powerful.

One way to demonstrate peer recognition is to even have simple fun ways of saying you know one department can grant or present an award to another department for living a certain core value.

Peer recognition is absolutely very powerful.

So those are the two tactics that you can use right away to improve how you and your organization are able to bring your core values to life.

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James Key Lim

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