3P North Star Method: How To Always Know Where Your Company Needs To Go 

 May 22, 2019

By  James Key Lim

The 3P North Star: How will I always know where my company needs to go?

I want to talk to you about something that I use to help executives always know where they’re headed with their business.

Previously, I’ve talked briefly about this idea of the 3L North Star that is for individuals.

What I’m going to share with you now is the 3P North Star, which is for organizations – so a group of individuals.

You’ll see why it’s important, because in the end there’s the need to align the two.

And that’s a really key element in having success in your business today is to align your individuals with your organization.

So let’s talk about the 3P North Star.

As I’ve mentioned before, we had been using the North Star ever since the dawn of our time, in being able to navigate from wherever we are and be able to get wherever we need to go.

So from that reference as an organization, we need to know at all times no matter the conditions, the changes, and the variables that are constantly changing, on how we navigate in a particular direction.

I think ultimately the complexity of our world today requires a subset of the North Star.

So not just a North Star, but a 3P North Star.

Those subsets are: Purpose, People, and Profits.

So what I highly suggest is being able to establish your 3P’s for your business on a yearly cycle. For example, what is your 3P North Star for 2019?

Understanding your purpose is how you want to be working with your people and how you generate profits.

So that’s the 3P North Star concept.

Ultimately, we’re going to align your 3P North Star with your individual 3L North Stars as a very important process that is required to be adaptable or what I call a future-proof business.

Now with the 3P’s, what I would also highly suggest is that you’re looking at them in not only on an annual basis but also on a quarterly basis, and being able to reference that so that all of your team members, all of your departments, all of your partners, and all the people that interact with your company have an understanding of that 3P North Star, and are hyper clear about what it is, so that they, too, can navigate towards that along with you.

I’m doing confidential, complimentary Executive Coaching sessions about future-proofing your business growth. I promise not to sell you anything. I’m doing it because I want to give back and to understand where executives and entrepreneurs are struggling.

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