3 Steps To Our Best Clients We’ve Ever Had 

By  James Key Lim

In the last 20 years, my purpose is to help executives and entrepreneurs around the world overcome their struggles to future-proof their business growth so that they can improve lives.

And so in order to provide the best that we can in growing your business and impact into any future, we work with only the best clients to fulfill this mission.

How do I make sure I only work with high-quality clients?

Well, it’s not easy, but it’s possible.

I’ll tell you how we do it.

I like to think of it in every stage – marketing, sales, and delivery or results, once you’ve started your business.

1. Find clients that align with your values.

And so, in our business, we qualify at every step, because we want to make sure that we don’t work with clients that don’t align with our values or ultimately, really ones that we feel are in line with our business, so that we can help them.

In addition, they give us great energy, because we know that some clients, when they’re not a fit actually really take a lot of energy.

And that may not be ideal for both parties.

2. Get the attention of your ideal clients.

So what I mean by marketing, sales, and results in how we qualify across them is imagine even with marketing, whose attention are you getting?

Are you getting the attention of your ideal client or are you getting the attention of non-ideal clients, which you’re asking for trouble then.

So when we qualify even at that very beginning, we identify on what type of message are we sending out and who are we attracting from a marketing perspective.

Like on the sales side, obviously, it’s qualifying on the sales part of the business.

And so we also ask these questions: Do they fit? Do they not fit? Do they have the budget? Do they not have the budget?

3. Qualify clients up to the end.

Now even after we hire them as a client, this is the hard part.

Because sometimes we’ve walked away from thousands and thousands of dollars, because we didn’t feel that this client was in the right alignment with us.

And so even at the results or delivery side, we’re still qualifying.

In fact, we go as far as having a dating period with our clients to saying, “We’re just dating for now.”

And it’s a mutual fit.

They may not like how we work or we might not like how they work.

In the end, that dating period gives us that flexibility.

So the recommendation is only work with high quality clients.

There were some, who we really respected and have worked with in the past, called “crazypants” clients.

To avoid them, the idea is qualify at all three stages of an established business: marketing, sales, and also on the results or delivery side.

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James Key Lim

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