[1 Min] KEY Takeaway For Your Business: How To Stand Out In a Noisy World 

 January 24, 2019

By  James Key Lim

We have more and more information every day. You have notifications, dings and dongs and everything around you is trying to get your attention.

How do you operate in an environment where not only do you have overwhelm and competition, but also notifications and alerts?

The thing that I’m asking my clients to do now (where we are seeing the results from) is differentiation. What does that mean? It simply means being different, being unique, and being that in a matter of seconds.

How do you capture someone’s attention and basically begin the process of them trusting you in seconds?

Let me give share an example. For us in FutureProofX, we help entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals who are doing over a million dollars in business, by giving them an ROI guarantee. This decision happened after we looked at the market and saw that people were very upset because people were paying people a lot of money but they weren’t able to get the desired results from their investments. So how were we able to get ahead and be different? That was where that guarantee came about.

How will you stand out in your market to attract more people and keep the ones that you have?

Let’s do it together.


James Key Lim

James Key Lim | CEO | Executive and Business Growth Coach | Creator FUTUREPROOFx Method | $100Ms in revenues + adaptable company cultures

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