2090. 700% Increase in Revenue: Appeal to Emotion and Highlight Meaning in a Positive Way


    Action: Appeal to emotion and highlight meaning in a positive way in order to inspire better teamwork and increase revenues.

    Supporting Research:
    “Fascinating research shows that when just one person on a team appeals to emotion and highlights meaning in specific, positive ways, it can raise the team’s revenue by as much as 700 percent. One of the best ways to plant a positive reality is to construct a narrative around some shared emotional experience, positive or negative. Interestingly, my research shows that creating a shared narrative around past adversity of failure is one of the best techniques for creating positive inception. What’s more, research from Wharton Business School shows that positive inception works best when it comes from someone other than the team leader: in other words, anyone, with any role or title, can create positive inception if he or she appeals to value and meaning.”

    Source:  Shawn Achor, Before Happiness: The 5 Hidden Keys to Achieving Success, Spreading Happiness, and Sustaining Positive Change p. 185 Crown Business (September 10, 2013) [View on Amazon]

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