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Hi, my name is James. I'm a business consultant and professional coach.

I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some of the best people, startups and corporations in the world to successfully manage people and deliver results in an ever changing world.

I had recently been the CEO for a consulting and coaching company for Tony Hsieh (CEO of I was previously an early employee in 2 successful startups that were acquired for over $1B ( and, a management consultant for a top 5 global firm with companies like Cisco, have been a keynote speaker in front of 1000’s, and have been quoted by Fast Company and New York Times on company culture.


James Key Lim
CEO and Professional Coach

I help leaders become more successful

Together, we will assess your team and conditions, find the strengths and weaknesses and come up with an action plan to measurably better your team and results. We will also discuss objectives and the measurable results associated with them to ensure we know how we’re doing along the way.

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Room to improve your team and results?

If you said, "yes", here's how my team and I can help.

1:1 Executive and Team Coaching

Strengthen leadership and team skills that are sustainable.

Keynote Speech

Inspiring knowledge for leaders and teams that is immediately actionable.

Business Consulting

Results based strategy and action planning towards your goals.


Leadership and team development customized to your needs.

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Some of the people and organizations I've worked with:

Executive Multi-Million Dollar Company

James has an easy going demeanor that makes it very easy to have some frank discussions about what is working and what is not. He is dedicated to getting the job done and making sure that the results are as promised.

Director Of Conference & Events

... the feedback was wonderful. 95% of the attendees in your session rated you good or excellent.

Keynote Audience Member

James gave yet another amazing presentation regarding the future of work and a prescriptive of how the HR profession can influence productivity, performance, and profits for the organization!

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Why take action now?

More change for leaders in the next 5 years than in the last 30!

You are familiar with some of the existing challenges of leadership including managing conflict, communication, delegation, change, innovation, etc..

Did you know that in the next 5 years, however, there will continue to be future of work trends impacting your ability to lead successfully starting now?

  • Millenials and the multi-generational workforce - by 2020, the Millenial generation will make up 50% of the world’s workforce creating cross generational challenges in collaboration and communication.
  • Shortage of skilled workers - growing competition for capable and skilled team members impacting the ability to hire, engage, and retain top talent.
  • Work from anywhere an any time - technology has created a distributed work environment that creates challenges in productivity and alignment.
  • Increase in freelance workers - by 2020, the independent contractors will make up 50% of the U.S. workforce adding to challenges in efficiency, productivity and alignment.
  • Globalization of the workforce - millions of jobs going overseas in next 5 years adding to the challenge of efficiency. 

What are you doing to prepare for the current revolutionary changes to leadership and management? I have the experience, research, and network that can help you navigate these waters immediately to survive and thrive in the future of work.

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James Key Lim

I have created successful teams and produced over $100M+ in revenue for organizations first hand and I’d like to help you.

101% Guaranteed

Being a business leader in a world of revolutionary change is risky enough...

... so I'd like to remove all your risk of hiring me to help you.

I will guarantee my service 101%. If you’re not happy within 30 days of our work together, I will refund all of your payment. The extra 1% will be one of us taking you to a nice meal and drink to learn how we can serve future clients better.

My life's purpose is to help business leaders improve their team and results by unleashing people, profits, and purpose together.

With me and my team, you can sleep at night knowing I’ll be giving you my all to help you be more successful.


James Key Lim​

P.S. My client slots are limited. Let’s talk soon.